Our Standards

Advanced Business Valuations has certain self-imposed standards, which assist in insuring our commitment to high quality valuation opinions on a responsive basis for reasonable fees.

  • Independence. Independence in our work is a primary objective. Since valuation opinions are often used to test the fairness of a financial transaction or to assist in assuring its fairness our independence is paramount. In order to maintain independence, Advanced Business Valuations does not accept compensation for valuation services on a contingency or percentage basis. Additionally, our business is highly diversified and no single client is responsible for a significant portion of our revenues.
  • In-depth Analysis. Advanced Business Valuations’ professionals possess a wealth of experience in the field of business valuation. We bring that experience to every assignment. Every client company is examined in-depth. Their financial statements are recast in our spreadsheet format. This in-depth analysis is necessary to provide our client with the highest quality and most complete appraisal possible. As specialists in the field of valuation, Advanced Business Valuations can quickly research, analyze and prepare a well-documented, logical, and comprehensive valuation report.
  • Teamwork. Advanced Business Valuations looks forward to participating as team members with expert advisors such as lawyers, accountants, investment bankers and commercial bankers. The firm is fully accessible to other team members during the duration of the engagement. This team method of problem solving provides optimal results.
  • Integrity. Advanced Business Valuations adheres to the ethical and procedural standards set by the AICPA, ASA, NACVA and IBA.
  • Commitment. Advanced Business Valuations is committed to quality service, communication, and competence. We make the promise to each and every client to provide the highest quality product, timely and within the agreed upon budget. Because issues often arise years after an appraisal, we provide long-term assistance to our clients. Advanced Business Valuations will be here to provide support now or in the future.
  • Reasonable. At Advanced Business Valuations, we believe in earning our fees. Fees for our services are essentially based on the time and experience required to carry out an assignment, as well as the anticipated use of the valuation opinion. Prior to commencing work, the scope, purpose, use, date of valuation, data requirements, fee and time frame are set forth in a signed engagement letter. In the case of litigation support services, agreed-upon hourly rates are charged. Due to Advanced Business Valuations specialized approach, research resources and expert professional staff, the firm can offer its valuation services for competitive and equitable fees.