Proposal & Fees

Advanced Business Valuations would be pleased to meet with interested parties to discuss potential valuation needs. There is no cost or obligation for such a meeting. Prior to commencing work, the scope, fee and time frame will be estimated and confirmed in an engagement letter.

Each project is assigned a completion date to insure the timely completion of work and delivery of the final report. Mutually agreed-upon hourly rates may be used for litigation support services and for expert testimony. Fees for services are essentially based on the time and expertise required to carry out an assignment and the anticipated use of the valuation opinion.

A retainer, payable at the time the client authorizes an engagement, is credited to the final billing due. Interim fees are billed to clients on a progress-billing basis. Out-of-pocket expenses are charged to the client at our cost. At the time a signed report is rendered, the remaining fees are summarized and become due. During the course of an engagement, timely progress reports are made to the client.

Advanced Business Valuations is committed to providing excellent response time and superior service to its clients and their counsel. The firm has often been called upon to prepare a critical valuation report or related analysis to meet an emergency deadline.